Frequently Asked & Questions

  Yes, you can – but it always depends on the resume builder you have subscribed to. Usually you are allowed to upload an existing document in PDF, but sometimes MS Word, LibreOffice, Notepad documents can also be uploaded to your account.

  It depends on one thing: whether you create your resume from scratch or use an existing document. In the latter case creating a new resume takes only a few minutes as you just have to update the content, choose the layout and you are ready. When you create something from scratch you still have to enter the content in the resume – unless the software provides pre-written phrases and/or sample resumes – but it is guaranteed that you will be ready with your document within 15 minutes.  

  No, anybody can use the software without advanced IT knowledge as this software has very simple, self-explanatory, user-friendly interfaces. No matter which resume builder you choose, you can learn its use within a day, if not within hours or even minutes. But if you need any help you can use the hints and tips the software is giving you, or you can always contact the customer support of the resume builder company.  

  Exactly. You have to create an account once and then you will be able to use the online resume builder anytime, from anywhere, provided that you have a web browser. Your access is only terminated if you want to.  

  A small, but rather annoying disadvantage of resume builders compared to word processors is the branding they place onto your documents, thus the employers could easily notice – and hopefully don’t give a damn – that you created your resume/cover letter with a resume builder. However, branding can be removed if you purchase a payable software/subscription. Remember: resume builders help you stand out from the rest, but what you put into your resume is completely up to you.

  Although many resume builders have job search engines with which you can find various jobs in various fields, th software is not capable of substituting the application process. Search engines only enlist the available jobs and if you click on them they will direct you to another site, possibly that of the recruiter. However, if you prefer direct contact, you can usually send your resumes/cover letters via email, or, in some cases, you can share a link to a page where your resume is hosted in online format.

Only if the resume builder is downloadable, because none of the online resume builders we have tested had mobile applications. Thankfully, most online resume builders adapt to mobile screens pretty well in mobile browsers, allowing you to work on your documents anywhere. However, some sites don’t adapt their respective document editors to smartphone screens, therefore we recommend you to use tablets to create your resumes.

We wrote a complete blog article regarding this matter, but let us tell you in advance: it totally depends on you. Resume software usually contains every feature you need for a fixed price, but it can become outdated very quickly. While an online resume builder often limits the use of its features – especially the free versions – you have to pay on a recurring basis, but your software will always be up-to-date and can be reached from anywhere.

After installation/registration you just have to select a template, arrange the sections of your document, fill out the text boxes and your resume/cover letter is ready. Quite often you have to do less than that thanks to pre-written phrases you can insert into your document. The software also helps you out by giving you tips and advice with different aspects of creating your resume. These recommendations could make the difference between landing the job you aim for, and having your resume land on the pile of resumes to be archived.

Let us ask you a question: do you want to spend several hours from your precious time trying to figure out how to properly arrange your document? Of course not! A word processor like MS Word or LibreOffice basically puts a sheet of blank paper in front of you and leaves you to do the job for yourself. Which, as a job seeker having no idea how to start building a resume, can be extremely annoying – unless you have a sample resume to copy from. Resume builders automatically create resumes for you, you just have to determine the overall look of the document. With a word processor resume building can take up hours; with a resume builder it only takes minutes.

A resume builder is software developed for job seekers to create their resumes and (cover) letters in a professional manner. A resume builder can be in downloadable format or completely cloud-based, and, depending on the chosen version, they can be free of charge or payable.